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Fryderyk Chopin

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Fryderyk Chopin Fryderyk Chopin Fryderyk Chopin


Type of unit:Brig
Length:55,5 m
Breadth:8,5 m
Draught:3,8 m
Constructed in:1990
Mother port:Szczecin
Velocity:16 knots
Displacement:400 T
Area of sails:1200 m2


This elegant brig is named for the nineteencentury Polish composer and pianist. Designed by the naval architect Zygmunt Choren to the specifications of Capt. Krzysztof Baranowski, Fryderyk Chopin combines maximum sail area and speed with stability and safety for educational programs. Measuring 182 feet long overall, with masts soaring 125 feet above her deck, Fryderyk Chopin is rigged to carry six jib sails along with its high skysails.
The filigree of her standing rigging and the number of sails she carries make Fryderyk Chopin ideal for sail training and require concentrated effort from her disciplined crews. On her maiden voyage and first Atlantic crossing in 1992, she participated in Operation Sail in New York and also visited Boston, Massachusetts, and Newport, Rhode Island.

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