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Dar Młodzieży

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Dar Młodzieży Dar Młodzieży Dar Młodzieży


Type of unit:Full-rigged-ship
Length:108,6 m
Breadth:14 m
Draught:6,37 m
Constructed in:1982
Mother port:Gdynia
Velocity:17,8 knots
Displacement:3015 T
Tonnage:2255 GRT, 676 NRT, 698 DWT
Number of sails:26
Area of sails:2936 m2


Dar Mlodziezy ("Gift of the Children") is a full-rigged, 360-foot ship designed by the distinguished Polish naval architect Zygmunt Choren and is the flagship of the Merchant Marine Academy (Wyzsza Szkola Morska) in Gdynia, Poland. Dar Mlodziezy was funded in part by the contribution of elementary school children during the 1960s and 1970s. Commissioned in 1982, she replaced the venerable Dar Pomorza ("Gift of Pomerania", a reference of the coastal region in Poland), which served Poland for more than six decades before her retirement.
Dar Mlodziezy's distinctive design served as the prototype for a class of vessels (five in all) built in Gdansk for the Russian Confederation of the 1980s. Four of the five vessels – Mir, Druzhba, Pallada, and Nasheba – now fly the Russian flag, while Khersones flies the flag of Ukraine. These are true sister ships and vary only slightly in dimensions and configuration.

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