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Royal Clipper

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Royal Clipper Royal Clipper Royal Clipper


Type of unit:Fully rigged, five-masted ship
Length:133,2 m
Breadth:16 m
Draught:5,6 m
Constructed in:2000
Mother port:Luxembourg
Velocity:20 knots
Displacement:4425 T
Number of sails:42
Area of sails:5000 m2


Billed as the "largest tall ship in the world" the Royal Clipper measures 133,2 m from the tip of the bowsprit to the stern. Built as a luxury sailing ship, the five-masted, fully rigged vessel carries more than 90 crew members and has accommodations for 220 passengers on its one-a and two-week cruises.
Originally designed to be a large sailing ship for the former Soviet union in the late 1980s, the hull was built in Gdansk, Poland. After searching for suitable design, the owner of the Royal Clipper, Micheal Krafft, decided to adapt his vision of a large tall ship to the hull. The finished hull was moved to Belgium and during the late 1990s, the rig and internal structure was completed.

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