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Pogoria Pogoria Pogoria


Type of unit:Barquentine
Length:46,8 m
Breadth:8 m
Draught:3,8 m
Constructed in:1980
Mother port:Gdynia
Displacement:342 T
Number of sails:15
Area of sails:1000 m2


Pogoria holds the distinction of being the first completed design for a square-rigger by Polish naval architect Zygmunt Choren. Built for the Steel Workers Union in 1980, Pogoria was served as a background for a movie and as a floating classroom for West Island Collage of Quebec, Canada. She is now the flagship of the Polish Sail Training Association in Gdansk.
Pogoria's hull design served as the model for three other vessels: Iskra for the Polish navy, Kaliakra for the Bulgarian navy, and Oceania, a specially rigged oceanographic research vessel from Gdynia, Poland.

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