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Oceania Oceania Oceania


Type of unit:Brig
Length:48,9 m
Breadth:9 m
Draught:3,8 m
Constructed in:1985
Mother port:Gdansk
Velocity:13 knots
Displacement:370 T
Number of sails:3
Area of sails:430 m2


Oceania is a tall ship, owned by the Polish Academy of Sciences, and used as a research vessel. She was built in 1985 in Gdańsk Shipyard. The hull was based on plans of earlier tall ships: ORP Iskra II and Pogoria, but its rigging was different. Oceania was originally a full rigged ship, with three masts (each 32 meters high). On every mast there was only one sail, in the shape of a vertical rectangle (sometimes Oceania was classified as a frigate), but later the yards and the sail from the mizzen-mast were removed. Sails are raised and driven hydraulically. The ship is equipped with laboratories able to provide hydrographic, optic, acoustic, chemical, biological and particulate experiments and observations.

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