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Mir Mir Mir


Type of unit:Full-rigged-ship
Length:109,4 m
Breadth:13,9 m
Draught:6,3 m
Constructed in:1987
Mother port:Sankt Petersburg
Displacement:2385 T
Area of sails:2771 m2


One of five ships built in the design of Dar Mlodziezy. Mir, which is Russian for "peace", is one of four vessels completed in the Gdansk, Poland, shipyard for the former Soviet Union. It is a sister ship to the prototype vessel Dar Mlodziezy (1982) as well as Druzhba (1987), Ksersones (1988), Pallada (1989), and Nasheba (1992). At 360 feet, Mir operates from the Marine Engineering College of St. Petersburg and offers courses in marine science and oceanography as well as sailing. Mir was commissioned in 1987, and has since raced in several regattas in addition to its training duties.

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