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Kaliakra Kaliakra Kaliakra


Type of unit:Barquentine
Length:52 m
Breadth:8,1 m
Draught:3,2 m
Constructed in:1984
Mother port:Varna
Displacement:247 T
Area of sails:990,5 m2


Composed in 1984, Kaliakra trains future officers for the Bulgarian navy and is a sister ship to Iskra. Her home port is Varna on the Black Sea, although she has been a frequent participants in European and American tall ship gatherings. As initially rigged, only four yardarms crossed her foremast because of variations in deck thickness that affected the height of the foremast. Since her refitting in 1992, however, she carries five yardarms in her barquentine configuration. Her figurehead is a stylized version of Bulgarian mythological figure.

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