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Iskra Iskra Iskra


Type of unit:Barquentine
Length:49 m
Breadth:8 m
Draught:3,8 m
Constructed in:1981
Mother port:Gdynia
Velocity:16,5 knots
Displacement:380 T
Number of sails:15
Area of sails:899,4 m2


Another of the many vessels desighed by Zygmunt Choren, Iskra proudly flies the navy ensign and represents the Republic of Poland on official visits.

Iskra, which in Polish means “spark” (as in “to spark a flame”), is named for an historically important Polish schooner of the early twentieth century. The first Iskra was a wooden, three-masted schooner that trained more than four thousand officers for the Polish navy in her fifty years of service form 1927-77. The new Iskra carries the name ORP Iskra in honour of the Westerplattes Heroes Naval Academy of Gdynia which she represents.

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